Witton Street Public Realm – Regular Update

Tuesday 11 March 2014
Works are now complete and the outstanding area has been opened up to pedestrians.  There are  some remedials which the contractor has been made aware of and will attend to in due course.

Tuesday 4 March 2014
Operatives arrived to complete on Saturday but were unable to do so.  They are in attendance again today and should have everything they need to complete.  They are currently addressing a couple of areas of ‘snagging’ and will be grouting up thereafter.  The outstanding area should be opened up tomorrow.

Tuesday 25 February 2014
Laying of setts between ‘Party Box’ and ‘Swift Services’ is now complete.  These are to be grouted up this weekend and the area should be opened up for the start of next week.  There are small areas of the site which need to be tidied up and these should also be resolved at the weekend.

Tuesday 18 February 2014
Laying of setts continues between ‘Party Box’ and ‘ Swift Services’ and is progressing well.  We are aiming to have these complete by the end of this week.  There are small areas of the site which will need to be tidied up thereafter.

Tuesday 11 February 2014
The area has been fenced off and the compound has been cleared and set up ready for the delivery of materials.  Work has begun with the breaking out and removal of the temporary surface laid in November.  The stone sets are expected to arrive on site today.

December 2013
No further updates until early 2014

Tuesday 3 December 2013
Public realm work is now complete until the New Year when the last small section of cobbles will be finished off.

Tuesday 26 November 2013
There will be a small area of the works laid with a temporary surface this week which will be completed in January. The site will be dismantled on Friday and the car park compound removed.  All areas of footpath will be opened to the public and Witton Street will be fully open for the Christmas festivities to commence.

Tuesday 19 November 2013
The second section of Witton Street has now been opened up to pedestrians.  Work continues on the final section which is on programme.  There is access to all businesses and we again thank them and the public for their ongoing patience.

Monday 11 November 2013
A slight change in design has meant more set are required for Witton Street.  Delivery will be January 2014 therefore, a small area of temporary tarmac will be put in place to ensure the street is open for the forthcoming Christmas shopping and festivities.

Tuesday 5 November 2013
Work continues to ensure Witton Street is fully open for the Christmas light switch on.

Wednesday 30 October 2013
Working hours have been extended to include weekends to mitigate the bad weather conditions and ensure the 30 November deadline is met.  In addition more resources will be on site next week.

Tuesday 15 October 2013
First section of works now complete with section two, outside Iceland well under way.

Tuesday 8 October 2013
Both the work on St Pauls Square and Witton Street continues within its time-scale, access to all businesses being maintained.

Wednesday 2 October 2013
Work continues, some sandstone footpaths are now in place and sets being laid.  Access to all business is being maintained and co-operation is appreciated.

Tuesday 24 September 2013
Drainage channels  in place in the first section, concrete for sets to be laid in the central section to allow pedestrian access whilst side paths are put in place.

Tuesday 17 September 2013
There was a small problem with the delivery of some drainage materials this week however, these have now arrived on site and work is progressing as planned.

Tuesday 10 September 2013
Contractors are now on site on Witton Street to begin the next phase of public realm works – setting up the compound, materials being delivered and some excavating commencing.