Northwich Gyratory Trial Scheme


The trial gyratory system in Northwich Town Centre started in January 2012 and we want your view on whether you feel that this scheme has had a positive impact.

It is appreciated that this trial one way system is a significant change for Northwich but it is designed to increase capacity of the road network to support the very exciting regeneration projects that are being implemented over the next few years (nearly £100m of investment over the next 4 years, with the associated jobs).

It has been forecasted that the system would reduce overall queue lengths and the overall delay would be reduced by approximately 15%.  It is felt that this system will cope better with the potential increase in traffic volumes which will be generated by these new developments.

The proposed new developments such as Barons Quay, Memorial Court and the Marina (Hayhurst Quay) will enhance the town’s reputation, benefit all residents and help attract more investment.

A full evaluation will take place around January 2013, albeit the system is being reviewed on an ongoing basis and improvements have been made already based on feedback from residents and businesses.

Your views are really important to us and will be fully considered as part of the evaluation process prior to a decision being taken on its retention.

Please click here (now closed)  to complete the online feedback questionnaire.

Hard copies of the questionnaire had been available at;
Northwich Information Centre
Kingsmead Tesco store
Cuddington Community Centre
The Hall at Delamere Park
And at the following post offices;