Modifications carried out

Modifications to the scheme were carried out on Sunday 5th August 2012.


The key changes are:

  • To improve capacity, Chester Way traffic leading across London Road has become three lanes, with centre and outside right lanes having through access up to the bridge. Traffic is still able to turn right into Dane Street.
  • To reduce lane swopping, Weaver Way junction at the Bull Ring (from Town Bridge direction only) has been closed. Weaver Way is accessible via Dane Street and from the top of the town via Leicester Street.
  • Alterations have been made to the lane markings along Watling Street to reduce lane swopping.
  • New ‘Keep Clear’ road markings at junction of Navigation Road and Chester Way outside the Co-op to help motorists join the system.
  • The Apple Market Street car park entrance has become two-way, with the rear exit to the Bull Ring being closed. This will improve traffic flows at the Bull Ring junction.

Further monitoring will be undertaken as part of this trial.

If you wish to comment please contact the Highways Department on 0300 123 7036 or alternatively, email the contact centre