Barons Quay: fly-through

Weaver Way, Barons Quay, Northwich fly-through

This fly-through can be viewed through YouTube and show the views, aspects and massing of the new cinema, restaurants and public spaces proposed for the Barons Quay development from Weaver Way and Town Bridge approaches.

Overlooking the River Weaver the new cinema will provide views over the river to Town Bridge and will be surrounded by high quality public realm that enhances and opens up the waterfront where there will be a pontoon with moorings for river boats.

Entrance to Leicester Street, Barons Quay, Northwich, fly-through

The second fly-through can also be viewed through YouTube and shows the entrance down from the new car park via a travelator into a new square at its Leicester Street junction.

With views down to the traditional shopping area of Witton Street and through new shopping streets to the cinema waterfront.  It also shows how the new square will create a new sense of place in Barons Quay and there will be linkage between both new and existing shopping areas.